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March 12th: Session 10

What’s your relationship to white language supremacy produced by the habits of white language? To the inherent violence of these habits, especially against BIPOC clients? What ways can/do you make knowledge about writing and make knowledge about how to do writing with clients in consultations? How do you build trust? What ways do you overcome […]

February 26th: Session 9

In a writing consultation, how would you raise awareness of this context and these circumstances with a writer, especially someone whose expectations seem centered on reproducing standardized English uncritically? What can you do if the writer refuses to engage with you on these important issues? How can you avoid treating standardized English as the gold […]

February 11th: Session 8

On your individual WP site, record your observations of Callie’s multimodal practices. How does she manipulate the text, the settings of Word, the vocabulary and phrasing of the medical world in general and pathology specifically alongside the social discourses, literacies, and ways of talking and writing she’s learned to use? Why is she writing notes […]

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